Ch. Harbor Run's All For Leyna at Russford RN CGC
w. 6/16/14
GCH LegaSea's Not In Kansas Anymore JH
Harbor Run's Field of Dreams  
Co-Owned with Catherine VonHagn

Hips OFA Good     Elbows OFA Normal      Eyes OFA Clear
Heart OFA Echo Doppler Clear     PRA Clear     EIC/CNM Clear
Dilute Free      HNPK Clear  DM Clear
Long Coat Clear

WB/BOW at LRC of Greater Boston under Laura Dedering (Folklaur) 4 pts.
WB at Dallas Fort Worth LRC under Dr. Cindy Skiba (Epoch) 5 pts.
WB at Bucks Country under Diann Sullivan (Cedarwood)

Best in Sweeps DFWLRC Day 1 - Susan Malone
Best in Sweeps DFWLRC Day 2 - Tony Ciprian