Ch. Ravenhill's Sir Winston, CGC 
 9/1/02  - 1/16/2016
Ch. Regis Von Lowenzahm X Ravenhill's Livin La Vida Loca
Hips OFA Good  LR-146160G25M-P1 
Elbows OFA Normal LR-EL24434M25-P1 
CERF #LR_41479/2008_74 Annually 
PRA - Tested Normal/Clear RD - Normal/Clear 
Echo Doppler Clear by Cardiologist 
Full Dentition
LRCP 2010  - Mary Roseberry (Rozzay) 
 Ch. Ravenhill’s Sir Winston 
"This was another pretty boy, with beautiful balance, pretty head, neck and 
shoulders. He has pretty angles front and rear, also a showy boy."
LRCP 2012 - Best Veteran Dog (9-11 Dog) Marion Daniel (Mar-Moye)  
#695 Clean lines and a lovely reach of neck. Well balanced, wonderfully conditioned & perfect coat. Solid topline.

  Best Veteran Dog 2012~LRCP
In my judging, I was looking for Labradors that had substance without coarseness, that were well balanced with enough leg under them, that had well angled fronts, had good reach of neck and powerful rears. I want a dog that can reach and drive, keep its topline, and has correct tail carriage. Most of all, I want type, the elusive combination of outline, coat , tail and head that make Labradors unique. I make no apologies for being a ‘head hunter’, for wanting a Labrador to move soundly, or for emphasis on correct outline. Type, combined with soundness, is not always easy to find. For me, my winners possessed this combination.
~ Dr. Michael Woods
   2012 Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac
   Best Veteran Dog